At VITEC of Costa Rica, we are dedicated to appraising agricultural properties, urban and rural land, buildings, raw land, commercial properties and condominiums throughout the country. Using rigorous methodologies and updated data, our highly qualified team guarantees accurate and reliable appraisals. Our valuation reports are of quality, ethical and timely delivery. We are dedicated to providing professional services that support financial, legal and investment decisions. We have a digital valuation platform with the latest updated technological standards.

In this unique and important field, we can also provide extensive services on matters such as:

We value the importance of carrying out the work processes in an expeditious manner. Our commitment is to respond quickly and effectively to every valuation request. We guarantee to respond to all inquiries and service requests in less than 24 hours, which facilitates the property appraisal process. We strive to provide you with the best service promptly. Your time is valuable to us.

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