• Project Name: Pladur Contest - Nómadas Digitales

Pladur Contest - Nómadas Digitales

Description of the contest:

The architectural competition sought to design accommodation spaces for digital nomads in Icod de los Vinos, Tenerife, integrating them with the natural and cultural environment. Priority was given to innovation, sustainability and adaptability, as well as interaction with the local community. The projects had to be designed with a lightweight construction system, in this case the panels of the company Pladur from Spain.

Project description:

“The concept revolves around the addition of two program elements; one public and one private, in which they are joined by the transition to these two spaces that coexist together, from the contemporary vision of architecture. The building evolves the structure continuously in a staggered manner, both in plan and in section, offering dynamism in the spaces and curiosity for people who wish to explore the natural beauties of the Drago Park in Icod de los Vinos.”

In the architectural program apart from the accommodation rooms, he asked for coworking spaces, community dining room and reception.

Area: 900 – 1000 m²